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Two recent singles posted on Jamendo

Posted by: nankado on: 07 Aug, 2012

Hi, I’m temporary back.
Two recent singles posted on Jamendo. Hope you enjoy…

Moving to

Posted by: nankado on: 25 Jul, 2011

I’ll moving to until the slow response of Jamendo blog WP system these days is resolved.

Global distribution of the Physical CD “Time Machine” started at last on CD Baby.
About 300 copies left in stock, $10 each.
Digital download distribution of  “Time Machine” started as well via Zimbalam.
Unlimited copies in stock, $5.99 per an album.
It would be more convenient and economic with digital download service, but the physical CD has some advantages [...]

The song “LLBP” is posted on YouTube after being renamed as “Kimi wa doko ni iru no”,  with a beautiful picture painted by さとるんさん (Satorun-san). Without this sensitively watercolored image I wouldn’t make it into a PV. Enjoy.

New track: Pmlw (for Vocaloid Luka)

Posted by: nankado on: 05 Sep, 2010

Having been quite busy these days, maybe until the end of this year, but I’ve uploaded a new song on YouTube.
I’m planning to release several singles, whose songs will be separately uploaded on YouTube and finally collected and issued as an album on Jamendo.
Hope you’ll enjoy it;-)

NK22 and Domino Single published

Posted by: nankado on: 20 Feb, 2010

Here again, my recent work “NK22″ and “Domino Single” published on Jamendo.
Hope you enjoy, even if a part of them.
And again, I thank you all the people who listened to, and especially who give reviews to them. I’m very encouraged and proud to have these reviews, even though unfortunately I can’t manage now to add [...]

“Mouse” – an ambient-noise improvisation by Grünemusik. 31Jan2010. A sound sketch, consisted of 8 samples from “Nearly useless sound effects vol. 10: Mouse” by Sound Bascket.
BTW, does anyone like to know more about “Nearly useless sound effects” series? In short, they provide sound effects for almost impossible situations, such as “Trying mouth-to-mouth respiration on [...]

“WX Single” published

Posted by: nankado on: 04 Nov, 2009

Thank you for new reviews posted in these several months. Some has very illustrative and imaginative description, the other simple applause. I gratefully appreciate anything you made in response to my music.
Distribution of new “Time Machine” CD is delayed, mainly due to my personal business. I’m going to send items to CDBaby maybe within this [...]


New CD “TIME MACHINE” Available Soon!

Posted by: nankado on: 16 Sep, 2009

Introducing our new CD “HVO presents TIME MACHINE”
A compilation of synthetic sound and various vocaloid voices.
Ambient, dub, electro-folktronica, synth-pop, digital rock, all that with “songs”.
You can try some of them through YouTube video pasted above.
Produced by HVO, that is, Grünemusik and Tôku-de Kikoeru Denshi-on (hereafter “To-Den”).
13 songs, 61 min.
Available soon on CDBaby (now in [...]

Thank you for the many reviews you’ve done…

Posted by: nankado on: 01 Sep, 2009

Last month so many reviews on my works on Jamendo were posted by many friends all over the world. I thank you for your interest in my music.
Curiously or strangely enough, no reviews on “Nyx” had been made since it was posted until the last month, now that it got seven, as many number [...]