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“WX Single” published

Posted by: nankado on: 04 Nov, 2009

Thank you for new reviews posted in these several months. Some has very illustrative and imaginative description, the other simple applause. I gratefully appreciate anything you made in response to my music.

Distribution of new “Time Machine” CD is delayed, mainly due to my personal business. I’m going to send items to CDBaby maybe within this month.

Here my recent work “WX single” published on Jamendo. Simple, short, rather immature, but I love the concept of these songs. Try a listen.

  Royalty Free Music - Stock Music Library | Jamendo PRO

Album description:

WX single is a temporary work. The author wish to refine these songs but couldn’t do so in a while, so these are published as a work in progess.

LLBP is a kind of dub chamber song. On the deep bassline with cheap synth rhythm, Vocaloid Ruka’s voice sings complicated lines. The song title is only a meaningless code. The lyrics with translation and pronunciation is attached and availble.

Hima means “boring” in Japanese. The same bassline, only whose tempo elevated, as appeared in previous LLBP and Vocaloid Miku’s voice raps on. She’s so sick and tired of entertainment-things, dismissing all the efforts synthesizers made in front of her.

The title of the 3rd ambient tune, WX, also meaningless. Ruka’s long-tone voices on the synth drone and random percussions.


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