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New CD “TIME MACHINE” Available Soon!

Posted by: nankado on: 16 Sep, 2009

YouTube Preview Image
Appearance of a sealed CD.

New CD "HVO presents TIME MACHINE"

Introducing our new CD “HVO presents TIME MACHINE”
A compilation of synthetic sound and various vocaloid voices.
Ambient, dub, electro-folktronica, synth-pop, digital rock, all that with “songs”.
You can try some of them through YouTube video pasted above.
Produced by HVO, that is, Grünemusik and Tôku-de Kikoeru Denshi-on (hereafter “To-Den”).
13 songs, 61 min.
Available soon on CDBaby (now in preparation, more info to be added).
The price is not determined yet, but it would highly possible for $12 or so (including $4 for CDBaby), never an expensive one.
In fact, each track has been permitted by the respective author to be published under Creative Commons Lisence (by-sc-na), and all of them are to be uploaded on Jamendo.
But it should be some months later, probably after some grace period for physical CD marketing.
Anyway this CD, the physical release of this material, is indeed advantageous in better uncompressed sound quality, as well as accompanied by beautiful illustration by Azusa Itakura.
If you’ve already listened to Grünemusik+Tanakasomething’s “Click Click Single” favorably, you can’t miss this physical CD.
Because it features the definite official remix of “Click Click” with improved sound quality, in addition to the beautiful ambient house cover version of this tune by To-Den.
Click Click Single's artwork inside!

Click Click Single's artwork inside

You may be also surprised to find original picture of “Click Click Single” inside the case.
It’s without logos and words appeared on original design, and realized by more precise offset printing.
Hope you enjoy it.
  1. Tosho-Entai P “Scrap Girl”
  2. Tôku-de Kikoeru Denshi-on “Kodama-sen – Lines of Echoes”
  3. Grünemusik + Tanakasomething “Click Click (radio edit 2009)”
  4. Tanakasomething “Colorless, Coherence”
  5. DJ Haranaga “Sweet Leftovers”
  6. Grünemusik “SLKP”
  7. Tôku-de Kikoeru Denshi-on “Time Machine”
  8. Grünemusik “Walking in the Rain”
  9. Tôku-de Kikoeru Denshi-on “Click Click (ambient mix)”
  10. DJ Haranaga “Sweet Leftovers (originaloid mix)”
  11. Tosho-Entai P “Round & Round, Merry-Go-Round of Hate”
  12. Tosho-Entai P “Scrap Girl (instrumental)”
  13. Tôku-de Kikoeru Denshi-on “Round & Round, Merry-Go-Round of Hate (reprise, a lullaby)”
Back appearance of "TIME MACHINE"

Back appearance of the CD

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