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New album “Nyx” on the way…

Posted by: nankado on: 07 Nov, 2008

My latest work “Nyx” is now being moderated. This work was made in the course of preparing a live stage on Sep 9 2008. Here’s the description of the work:

The primordial goddess of the night. Dark ambient atmosphere with Miku-dub.
Notes on tracks:
1) Melisma singing of the vocaloid Miku in the eastern Asia fravor.
2) Electric ambient dub in three parts with vocaloid’s chant.
3) A dub version segued from the previous track.
4) Aether is the elemental god of the “Bright, Glowing, Upper Air.” Minimal sequence of electric piano diverges.
5) Nyx, the goddess of the night, appears from the bottom of dark ancient Chaos. Based on a session with Fukataku, the drummer.
6) A short sketch in five. The vocaloid Miku sings the last one verse to fade out.

Illustration: Nyx, Brygos Painter, after 490 BC, Berlin, Germany (Copyright expired)

1 Response to "New album “Nyx” on the way…"

1 | carlosky

December 3rd, 2008 at 8:30 pm

Hi there Nankado, I’m Carlo from Italy, and I hope you can remember about me.
This week I toured the Japanese web, and I find your mew album. So I wrote a post about Nyx Live into my blog:

I enjoy your music… it smells different and free

Take a look to my blog, if you like!

All the best


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