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Two recent singles posted on Jamendo

Posted by: nankado on: 07 Aug, 2012

Hi, I’m temporary back.

Two recent singles posted on Jamendo. Hope you enjoy…

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Moving to

Posted by: nankado on: 25 Jul, 2011

I’ll moving to until the slow response of Jamendo blog WP system these days is resolved.

Global distribution of the Physical CD “Time Machine” started at last on CD Baby.

About 300 copies left in stock, $10 each.

Appearance of a sealed CD.

Digital download distribution of  “Time Machine” started as well via Zimbalam.

Unlimited copies in stock, $5.99 per an album.

It would be more convenient and economic with digital download service, but the physical CD has some advantages in its original artworks. Choose which you like.

Click Click Single's artwork inside!

YouTube Preview Image

The song “LLBP” is posted on YouTube after being renamed as “Kimi wa doko ni iru no”,  with a beautiful picture painted by さとるんさん (Satorun-san). Without this sensitively watercolored image I wouldn’t make it into a PV. Enjoy.

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New track: Pmlw (for Vocaloid Luka)

Posted by: nankado on: 05 Sep, 2010

YouTube Preview Image

Having been quite busy these days, maybe until the end of this year, but I’ve uploaded a new song on YouTube.

I’m planning to release several singles, whose songs will be separately uploaded on YouTube and finally collected and issued as an album on Jamendo.

Hope you’ll enjoy it;-)

Click Click featured in Playlist of the week #6

Posted by: nankado on: 30 Apr, 2010

Grünemusik and Tanakasomething’s ”Click Click” is now featured in Jamendo’s Playlist of the week #6.

Hope you’ll enjoy, not only our song, but also other good music in the list. Thanks.

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Canadian Scenery Noise with “Click Click”

Posted by: nankado on: 10 Apr, 2010

I’m freed at last after weeks of extreme business and have found several video clips featuring my music, to be introduced here. Thanks for all the creators showing any interest in my music.

The one below is a compilation of video extracts taken by Harry in Holland during his trip to Canada. Good mixture of the original music with slices of Canadian ambient noise adds more to the whole clip. Thanks.

YouTube Preview Image

Original track available in Jamendo:

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Also available updated and reviced mix, try a listen.

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Two short NY shots featuring Grünemusik

Posted by: nankado on: 21 Mar, 2010

NY photographer David Anastasiou again posted two short NY life shots featuring my music.

YouTube Preview Image

Original track with translated lyrics.

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Another one, posted several days earlier.

YouTube Preview Image

I also like such a “rusted” atomosphere with old buildings. Not brand-new, but some kind of, years of graveness. In Japanese criticism, such a preference to the old and the ambiguous has been summerized by Tanizaki, especially in his famous essay “In-ei raisann” (A homage to the shadow/darkness).

Original track with translated lyrics.

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I’m pretty happy to have this song featured, because this song seems never to be more popular than I think it could be, and to have a positive comment on this song from David’s friend online.

The title of this song is “LLBP”, no particular meanings but only an arbitrary code, because I couldn’t come up to suitable one. However I’m planning to re-recording of this song with a human singer and that’ll be when the title be renamed.

Thanks again for David, and also check out for other NY shots on David Anastasiou’s channel.

My music meet tofu by the photographer in NY!

Posted by: nankado on: 24 Feb, 2010

YouTube Preview Image

David Anastasiou, a photographer in NY, has made a vlog introducing Tofu bar in NY, and he used some of my music from the album “Sousaku Can“.

I’m fairly familiar to Tofu as a common food here in Japan, however had never dreamed that my music meet tofu by the photographer in NY. Should he visit Japan someday, I’d like to invite him to have original Tofu and ask him if the taste differs from those in NY.

Check the location of the Tofu bar in the Google maps.

NK22 and Domino Single published

Posted by: nankado on: 20 Feb, 2010

Here again, my recent work “NK22″ and “Domino Single” published on Jamendo.
Hope you enjoy, even if a part of them.

And again, I thank you all the people who listened to, and especially who give reviews to them. I’m very encouraged and proud to have these reviews, even though unfortunately I can’t manage now to add responses respectively to them.

I’m now working on the translation of the lyrics of “Time Machine” songs, whose sound have already been available also on Jamendo. The lyrics played some role on these songs, thus I’ll announce and notice the publication of this album via Jamendo sharing system after the translation becomes available. Please wait for that, or give a preliminary listen on them if you have some interest in them.

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Album description:

This “NK22″ contains only 2 songs, temporarily issued for the time being, rather than making a definite body of compiled works.

Track 1 “Hima (Decadence Mix)” was a remix version of “Hima” (included in previously released “WX Single”) by DJ Haranaga, with drone made by Ichiro Nakagawa, finished and published by Grünemusik under the permission. Comical feeling of the original track was transformed into grave and melancholic moods.

Track 2 “Improvisation” was a vocaloid song accompanied by piano. In fact, piano solo improvisation was recorded at first and the song line was added subsequently.

Hope you enjoy even some part of them.
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Album description:

Another work-in-progress pieces released in Feb 2010.

1) The back track is a very simple improvisation of synth arpeggiator, first composed as a BGM for a movie introducing games such as domino. The simple lyrics sung by vocaloid (Luca) is somehow enigmatic.

2) An ambient-noise improvisation on 31Jan2010. A sound sketch, consisted of 8 samples from “Nearly useless sound effects vol. 10: Mouse” by Sound Bascket. The samples are lisenced as free to use.

3) Another improvisation in Nov 2009, using Ableton Live’s looper utility.

4) The back track was also composed as a BGM at fitst in ca. 2008, never to be used in a movie. A vocalise improvised line by Vocaloid Luca is overdubbed in Feb 2010.